Saturday, March 17, 2012

forgot pattern password unlock hard reset for metro pcs samsung galaxy indulge r910

if you lock yourself on your indulge and the phone is asking for gmail id and password
and if you don't know your gmail id /and or password. the only way to fix is to reset to factory reset
which will result in losing all your data on your phone. but no other choice.

  1. power off the phone
  2. slide the keyboard open
  3. hold the R key and press the power button
  4. a factory reset screen will show up
  5. comfirm and the phone will power off and restart by itself.
  6. only thing will save is your pictures and songs and videos if they were saved in your memory card.
  7. you will need to recreate a new Gmail id and password
  8. good luck!!!


  1. thanks for solution it's 1000% work

  2. Remove forgotten pattern, fingerprints, PIN and password for Samsung Galaxy phones without data loss